Sunday, 7 February 2021

Application Areas of Computers

Define Application Areas of Computers?

Applications areas of computer was defined in different areas such that the following application areas of computers are given below
  • Business Area
  • Entertainment Area
  • Education Area
  • Medicinal Area
  • Finance Area
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Business Area

The following business areas are Data Center, Software Developing Company, IT Support Company, Network Core Company, Web Hosting Company, Call Centers, Data Entry, Web Developments and Online Exam Conducting Agents these are the areas where using the computers.

Entertainment Area

The entertainment areas are such as Cinema halls, Video Games, Plays Station, Online Games, Online Movies, Projector Screening, Digital Sounds, Cartoon Animations, Audio Recording, TV Series, Video Recording, etc,. these are the entertainment areas where using the computers.

Education Area

The education areas are Online Classes, Online Course, Educational Sites, Tutions, E-Learning Classes, Online Tutorials, Schools, Colleges, University, Coaching Centers, Training Classes, etc, these are the education areas where using the computers.

Medicinal Area

The following medicinal areas are 
Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Medicine Information, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Emergency Laboratory, Healthcare, Diagnosis, X-ray Machines, medical Education, etc,. these are the medicinal areas where using the computers.

Finance Area

The Finance areas are such as Insurance Company, Banks, Bank Agents, Online Banking, Accountants, Tally, Money Transfer, Money Exchange, Product Sales, Online Shopping, Business Education, Study of Investments, etc, these are the finance areas where using the computers.

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