Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Bitnami WordPress Stack

What is Bitnami WordPress Stack?

The Bitnami WordPress Stack Installer is Software that used to create an Offline WordPress website for free. The supporting operating systems were Windows 7 64bit, OS X VM 64bit, and Linux 64bit.

Step 1: Download of Setup File

First, download the Bitnami software by clicking a link https://bitnami.com/stack/wordpress/installer. After clicking the link the download page will open, then we need to scroll down to select the OS type.

Click the "Download for Windows 7 64 bit" button and proceed.

Now click the link “No thanks just take me to download” which shown below in the picture.

Click the downloaded file to open the download folder after download completion which shown in the below picture.

Step 2: Installation Process of Setup File

Right-click on the Setup file and click open.

Select the language then click ok to continue.

Then Bitnami WordPress Stack Wizard will open just click next to proceed

In The next wizard, it shows the check box for PhpMyAdmin selection just leave it as checked, then Click next

Now it shows the selection of installation folder location and asks for selection, but we no need to select a folder location. It is already selected a location which is shown in the picture below, just click next

Fill up the credential details and note it down the username and password which is needed at the time of login to the admin page and then click next.

Shows Apache Web Server Port number "81", then click next

Now it will ask for Blog Name for the WordPress site, type your blog name in box shown in a picture below, then click next

Then it will ask for mail configuration, for localhost, just leave the check box unchecked and then click next.

Then it will ask for launch WordPress in the cloud, but we no need to launch WordPress in the cloud just leave the check box unchecked and then click Next

Now the setup is ready to install just click next

Now the installation will begin

In this step windows firewall will ask permission to access MySQL, allow access to communicate with MySQL and just leave the check box selected as a public networks.

Click a finish and launch the Bitnami WordPress Stack

Then the WordPress page will open, now the site address is which redirect you to the WordPress Localhost site

Now offline website will be ready which shown below

Now we need to log in with a WordPress dashboard account. For login page add wp-admin at the end of the site address in your website then click enter a WordPress dashboard login page will open.

For example; http://localhost:81/wordpress/wp-admin

WordPress Dashboard Login Page is now open

Enter the credentials and then click login, you can find the credentials from previous steps shown in the below picture.

Now WordPress website builder is ready to create a website

Note: If you need to download any new themes or plugins (or plugin updates), then you need to connect your device to the internet then only it will get downloaded.


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