Thursday, 18 February 2021

Computer Hardware

Define Computer Hardware?

The Computer hardware is the physical part of computers such as the cabinet, motherboard, hard disk, processor, ram, keyboard mouse, speakers, Ethernet cards, graphics cards, cables and connectors, monitor, and SMPS these are the hardware was used by computers.

Components & Peripherals of Computer

The four main Components & Peripherals Of a Computer are Control unit, Arithmetic Logic Unit, Memory, and the Input and Output Devices. Therefore these parts are connected with groups of wires and each part consists of thousands of millions of small electrical circuits that can be control by an electronic switch. Each circuit provides a binary digit (bit) of information because of this it represents “1” and “0” values For example when the circuit is on it represents “1” and when the circuits are off it represents “0”.In this, each circuit controls the state of other circuits this is because the circuits are arranged in logic gates. Therefore the components and peripherals of computers are such as

Primary Components of Computer

Primary Components of Computer

The following components of a computer are such as

Computer Peripherals

A computer peripheral is a device used to put information into the computer as well as get information out of the computer.

Categories of Peripheral Devices

Input Devices

Input Devices

It used to send information to the computer such as

Output Devices

Output Devices

It provides output from the computer such as

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