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Network Cabling

What is Network Cabling?

Network Cabling: Connection between computers requires a network interface card established in each PC (also called NIC, Network Interface Card). The most current local area network boards are an ethernet type. This chapter gathers all types of Ethernet connection and wiring.

IEEE 803.3 10

Base 5 Network Layout

Network Layout 

Base 2 Network Layout

IEEE 803.3 10 Base 2 Network 

10 Base T

RJ45 Connector 

Materials Required for RJ45

The following materials requirement for RJ45 Cable

  • Cable 4 twisted pairs category 5
  • Connectors RJ45 to crimp category 5
  • Sleeves rubber, to avoid dividing the cable.
  • A grip to be crimped and if the grip does not include it: cutting pliers and a grip to be stripped.

MAC Address

Each network adapter is characterized by a MAC address and this address is single for all the boards’ networks in the world and it consists of 6 bytes of the type or each XX vary from 0 to 255 and the address is often given in form hexadecimal, for example 4D.FF.56.D2.AF.26. The address MAC in particular, the data are sent to the whole of the network. It is the address of Broadcast.

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