Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Network Patch Cable

What is Network Patch Cable?

A network patch cable or patch cord is an electrical or twisted pair cable used to connect between the two electronic devices such as a computer to switch, computer to computer, switch to a router, or computer to switch are connected with patch cords. It used for data transmission up to 10Mbps to 1Gbps speed, due to electromagnetic interface (EMI) it avoids data loss. Application areas of patch cables are Power Over Ethernet applications (POE), Networking, Ethernet cabling, and more. Includes non-booted, shielded, crossover, and value packs.

The term "patch" came from early use in telephony and radio studios, where extra equipment kept on standby could be temporarily substituted for failed devices. This reconnection was done via patch cords and patch panels, like the jack fields of cord-type telephone switchboards. Furthermore, patching could also create temporary atypical connections between devices for unusual needs.

Categories of Network Patch Cable

  • CAT2: N/W with low speed
  • CAT3: N/W with high speed
  • CAT4: Used for long-distance, speed is 20 Mbps
  • CAT5: Used for high-speed data transfer, speed is up to 1 Gbps
  • CAT5e: Used for high-speed data transfer, speed is more than 1 Gbps
  • CAT6: Used for high-speed data transfer, speed is more than 1 Gbps

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