Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Operating Systems

What is Operating Systems?

Operating Systems is the system software that manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs and therefore it interphase between a user and the computer and it is the Software which use to perform operations by users like typing, browsing, playing games, watching movies, etc,. It also handles input devices like scanner, barcode, keyword, mouse, etc, and output devices like printers, webcam, monitor, projector, etc,.

Types of Operating Systems

  • Character User Interphase (CUI) - Single User: DOS |Multi User: LINUX
  • Graphical User Interphase (GUI) - Single User: Windows 7, Windows 10 |Multi User: Windows NT, Windows Server

Other Operating Systems

Therefore the other operating systems are

  • Desktop OS   -  There is no network device that should be connected to the OS
  • Network OS  -   In this, we can add the Network device to the OS
  • Real-time OS -  We will install the OS directly, doesn’t depend on other OS for installation
  • Non-Real time OS  -  If we want to install the non-Real time OS we need other OS for installation (It depend on other OS for its related OS for install.

Versions of Windows Operating Systems

The Windows operating system is developed by Microsoft Company and the following versions of Windows Operating System are given below.

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