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Types of Networks

What are the types of Networks?

Types of networks can be divided according to the following factor.

  • Depending Upon Distance
  • Depending Upon Computing
  • Depending Upon Communication

Depending Upon Distance

LAN (Local Area Network)

This network is within a limited area like within a room or building etc. For eg., used in Office infrastructure for sending information data from one node to another node. Therefore it commonly used in the market for network purposes. Using LAN we can build a sharing network between two computers.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

This type of network is slightly more complex than LAN. For eg., We can connect computers from a long physical distance. In this ROUTER is a must. With the help of a router, we connect the computer between two states, two countries or two geographical areas is WAN.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

This type of network is larger than LAN but smaller than WAN. In this, we can connect the computer between two cities or this used in large campus or company. In which connecting a computer within a city or a large area is MAN.

Depending Upon Computing

Peer To Peer (Work Group Model)

If there is an equal right between the computers it is PEER to PEER Network It is also a Workgroup model. This type of network is used only for sharing resources and communication. It has no security &no Centralized Administration

Server /Client (Domain Model)

The server/Client network gives more authentication and administration rights to the user. It will share the resources establish communication. Domain Model used as security & centralized administrator. It has much more hardware & software configuration than the workgroup.

Depending Upon Communication

Wired Network

If the devices are connected through wire or cables, such kind of network is called Wired Network.

Wireless Network

In this, devices are not connected with wires or cables, but the medium for communication is through waves is called a wireless network.

ADC – Additional Domain Control

ADS – Active Directory Service

DC – Domain Controller (Server computer control all system)


It is part of hardware and software. It provides a service to its user with a computer program. The server is the main computer installed with a network operating system. It controls user and group accounts, network monitoring, and network performance.

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