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Types of Volumes or Dynamic Disk

What are the Types Of Volumes or Dynamic Disk?

A dynamic disk is a dynamic volume that has the following types of volumes such as simple volume, striped volume, spanned volume, Mirrored volume, and stipe with parity. The following Types Of Volumes (Dynamic Disks) are given below.

Sl No


No OF Disks



Simple Volume


Same As basic Disk, no Fault To Learns


Striped Volume[RAIDÓ©]


No Fault To Learns But IncreasedRead/WriteParformence100% Disk Usage


Spaned Volume


No Fault To Learns 100%Disk Usage


Mirroral Volume[RAID-1]


50%Disk Usage,100%Fault To Learns  


Stipe With Parity


100% Fault To Learns Disk Usage Total No Of  Disk Min One

Simple Volume

         Same As Basic Disk Concept

  • Single Hard Disk Is Enough For This S.V
  • No Fault Tolerances
  • We Can Use The Hard Disk 100%

Striped Volume (RAID 0)

              Disk 0                                      Disk 1

  • It Need Two Hard Disk with Same Gb Than only It Will Work
  • No Fault Tolerances, But Read/Write Performance
  • 100%Disk Usage
  • Data Is Store In Both HDD At the Same Time

                      1st HDD Is Fail => 2nd Also Failed

    40Gb           +          40Gb             =80Gb

Spaned Volume

            Disk 0                           Disk 1

  • It Should Have 2HDD With the Same Gb
  • No-Fault Tolerance
  • 100%Disk Usage
  • After Finish The Data Hard Disk, Than Other Remaining Data Is Strop In 2nd   HDD Disk
  • Same As Striped Volume

Mirrored Volume

  • It Should Have 2 HDD With the Same GB
  • No-Fault Tolerance
  • 50% Disk Usage (Costly Method)
  • If 1St HDD Is Failed Also We Can Use The 2nd HDD

Stripe With Parity (RAID 5)

  • Mini 3 HDD
  • 100% Fault Tolerance
  • Disk Usage Total Min One Disk  

Note: If any 1 HDD is a fault from the other 2 HDD we can get the data and if any 2 HDD is a fault from the other 1 HDD we can get the data

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