Thursday, 18 March 2021

Barcode Reader

What is Barcode Reader?

A Barcode Reader is a readable representation of information in a visual format on a surface. It is converts to 1's and 0's by using dark ink on the white substrate to create a high and low reflection. It is a machine use to read the barcode which are print on every item purchase from a department store. Its helps to keep a tracking of a items in the store and also a reduces the instances of the shoplifting. A barcode scanner can be scan a printed barcodes. It also scan a data from a printed barcode and send it to a computer. It consists of light source which translate light sensor into a electrical signals. All the barcode have a decoder circuit which used to analyze a barcode’s image data which provided by the sensor and send the content to the output port of scanner.

A barcode reader scans a printed barcode data and import it to computer device to store a data into a computer system. However barcode is use in government project like exam center for reading a admit card which is provided to the candidates as a entry ticket to the exam center it will use during the time of entrance to the exam center as a time of taking a bio-metric process.
Barcode Reader


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