Sunday, 28 March 2021

Blade Server

What is Blade Server?

A blade server is a compact, high density, self-contained server that chassis housing multiple thin, modular electronic circuit boards, known as server blades. It is used in the datacenters to save space, minimize power consumption, reduce cooling expenses, redundancy, reduce cabling, increase storage capacity, and reduce energy cost.

Each blade is a server in its own right, often dedicate to a single application. It consists of hot-plug hard drives, memory, input/output cards, and network cards. With enterprise-class blade servers, storage is external, and blades are diskless. A blade servers is used for hosting virtual platforms, file sharing, SSL encryption of web communication, streaming audio and video content, database hosting, and application hosting.

Blade Server

Benefits of Blade Servers

The following benefits of blade servers are

  • Minimize Power Consumption
  • Storage Capacity is High
  • Less needs for Cables
  • High Space Saving
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Diskless or Virtualization Modules

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