Thursday, 18 March 2021

Computer Mouse

What is Computer Mouse?

A Mouse is the pointing device used to move a graphical pointer on the screen. This graphical pointer is also called cursor. It used to perform some operations like giving commands, draw images and perform other input tasks. The mice controlling a computer systems was first produced in public demonstration in the year 1968. In plural it called mice. There are several variants available in market today. One of the most popular is optical mice. It doesn’t have a ball. and it uses a laser to sense the motion of the mice instead. It is a pointing device which used to detect motion. 

First of all it is originally used as a ball rolling in surface to detect motion, but nowadays it was made up of optical sensor. Computer mice also have buttons which allows to do operations such as selecting menu items on display and scroll wheels is used for scrolling of pages. There are scroll wheels mice, optical mice and ball rolling mice.The operations are selecting a file or folder, opening a file or folder by double clicking on it, scrolling a pages from top to bottom, etc,. The mouse picture is given below.
Computer Mouse


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