Sunday, 28 March 2021

Database Server

What is Database Server?

The database server is a server that maintains and shares any form of the database over the network. It is responsible for hosting one or more databases. The client applications perform database queries that retrieve data from or write data to the database that is hosts on the server and the client applications are like spreadsheets, accounting software, asset management software, or virtually any computer program that consumes well-organized data.

The term database server refers to a back-end system and the user’s computer refers to a front-end system of a database application using a client-server architecture. Therefore the database servers functionality was provided by database management systems (DBMS) and the database. It performs tasks such as data manipulation, data storage, data archiving, and data analysis.

The process of the database servers is the client execute SQL requests to the database servers and the database servers process the client executed database request, then the network computer displays the requested answers of SQL command to the client. Therefore in this whole process, the database servers provides its own power to execute the request or search the requested result. It is also known as the SQL Engine.

Benefits of Database Servers

  • High Performance
  • Optimized Data Access
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Reliability

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