Sunday, 28 March 2021

Dot Matrix Printer

What is Dot Matrix Printer?

A dot matrix printer or impact matrix printer refers to a type of computer printers with a print head that contains a cluster of pins. The pins run back and front on the page and print by impact with striking an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against a paper similar to a typewriter. The Dot-matrix printers can print at a speed of 500 cps. Therefore a low-resolution dot matrix printers use 9 pins and a high-resolution dot matrix printer uses 24 pins. Then the low-resolution dot matrix is use to apply ink on the surface for layout. 

In this a printer is able to print different patterns but not only the specific characters. Then a Dot-matrix printers are work as a non-impact method such as laser printers or inkjet printers where they also use the same process for printing. In this each dots produce by a wire or pin which is a tiny metal rod. The tiny electromagnet give the power to move forward directly small levers and a ribbon mask holder which facing the papers is small guide plate it stabbed with holes to provides instructions for pins it is made of hard plastic.
Dot Matrix Printer


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