Thursday, 18 March 2021


What is Joystick?

A joystick is an input device that is use to control on-screen objects or cursor by manoeuvring a small lever called stick instead of using the cursor keys or mouse and it is commonly use for control player movements in video or computer games. It is also known as control column. It is use to control aircraft’s flight as a control unit for military aircraft it has supplementary switches. A Joysticks are also use for controlling machines such as cranes, wheelchairs, trucks, surveillance cameras, and underwater unmanned vehicles. It has push button which helps the gamer to climb a mountains. It is mainly use for playing video games in the video game console industries. There is different types of joystick is available that is digital, paddle, analog and joypads. 

In crane it is use to move or lift a heavy materials where, crane is a machine which moves heavy materials from one place to another. In wheelchairs it is use to control the direction of wheels where wheelchair is a vehicle which use by old age related problems or disability people and Surveillance Cameras it used to control all the direction of a places by moving the camera from one direction to another direction.



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