Sunday, 28 March 2021

Laser Printer

What is Laser Printer?

A laser printer refers to a type of printers where the printers uses a laser beam to produce images or text on a paper. The main components of a laser printers are drum and toner. A laser printers can print both in black-and-white and color. It can print with a speed of 4-16 ppm and a resolution of 300-1200 dpi and higher. The text and image are produce by passing a laser beam front and back repeatedly with a cylinder called a drum. It uses a toner to transfer the image to paper where toner is a collection of electrical charge powder ink.
The color laser printer prints 6000 pages per hours and it is a high-speed laser printers which is use in the workspace like office for printing huge number of pages and the cost of this technology is depending on the cost of paper, cost of toner, cost of drum replacements and cost of other replacements items such as fuser and transfer assembly. A color laser printers is commonly used colored toner such as cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. A toner cartridge contains smart chips which reduce the number of pages printed with an effort to increase sales of toner cartridge this technique also increases waste.
Laser Printer


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