Sunday, 28 March 2021

MICR Reader

What is MICR Reader?

The Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is widely used by a banks to process large volumes of cheques and a drafts. Therefore bottom line on all cheques and a drafts has a special characters which printed in a special font called a MICR. The Cheques are put inside a MICR reader. As they enter the reading unit the cheques are pass through the magnetic field which causes the read head to recognize the character of the cheques in a MICR line which uses a magnetic ink character recognition encoding. Therefore in the bottom of the cheque which contains a bank account number, a bank code, a cheque number, a cheque amounts and a control indicator. This are the banking process for filling a check form in a banks.

This technology scans and read directly in to a data collection device similar to a barcode technologies in which a humans are easily reads a MICR characters. Therefore a MICR characters are printed on a documents with one or two MICR fonts by using the magnetizable ink. This characters are read by a MICR reader head. Its waveform is easily identified by the system. The MICR readers is a primary tool for cheque which are utilized across the cheque distribution network at many stages. Finally the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition code is used for a reading the code line from the bank cheque book. The following pictures of a MICR reader and a MICR sample cheque are given below.
MICR Reader

Sample Bank Cheque


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