Thursday, 18 March 2021


What is Microphone?

A Microphone is an input device used for recording a audio in a computer. However, to do this you also need a sound card installed in your computer. A sound card converts an analog sound signal to a digital form and a digital sound signal to its analog form. The Microphone are mainly use in many areas such as concert halls, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, telephones, sound recording, hearing aids, public events and in computer used for voice recording, speech recognition and VoIP.  There are also types in this such that dynamic microphones, condenser microphones and contact microphones.  First dynamic microphones is uses a magnetic field with a suspended coil of wire . Second condenser microphones is uses a capacitor plate with vibrating diaphragm. Third contact microphones are uses a piezoelectric with a crystal. 

A Dynamic Mics is used in Studio to produce all kind of sounds. It is insensitive which perfects for loud sounds. It is the unidirectional pattern or cardioids pattern because it cancels out all the unwanted sounds and pick ups a pointed direction sound. A Condenser Mics are the cousins of dynamic mics. It is more sensitive because of that it makes a softer and brighter sounds. It is very powerful comparing to the studio microphone. To pick up making them sound less muffled a top end bump of a condenser gives extra air than the dynamic would. A contact Mics, it senses audio vibrations by contacting with solid objects. It uses a piezo material to create a sound. It amplify sound from acoustic musical instruments such as violins, pianos, guitars, etc,.


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