Sunday, 28 March 2021

OMR Scanner

What is OMR Scanner?

The OMR scanner puts a shining beam of light on the document and detects the marked area from unmarked ones. This is possible because a marked area reflects more light in comparison to an unmarked area. An Optical Mark Recognition technique is use when students have appeared for objective type tests and they had to mark their answer by darkening a square or circular space by pencil. These answer sheets are directly fed to a computer for grading where OMR is use. Then users create their own forms in a word processor by using desktop OMR software and print it by a laser printer.

The process of desktop OMR software is to work with an image scanner with the help of a document feeder which produces forms once filled out. For adding marks on OMR sheets a folder inserter equipment is use. In the sequence of black dashes in sheets the marks are added and the folder inserter equipment scans in order to determine and the usage area of OMR sheets are, It normally used for conducting offline exams in exam center were candidates provided with question papers and the OMR answers sheets (Used to mark a dark circle in the answer sheets).
OMR Scanner


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