Sunday, 28 March 2021

Plotter Printer

What is Plotter Printer?

A plotter Printer is a specialized graphical printer that is operate by the moving a pen over the surface of a paper. It uses mechanical, inkjet or thermal technology to create a large format images. Because of this, plotters are use for printing technical drawing or CAD application images. A niche use of plotters is in creating tangible images for visually handicapped people on special thermal cell paper. A plotter uses applications for design such as computer-aided design it able to provide faster and higher quality images compared to the other printers. It produced by the line-drawing process. 
A desktop plotter it often used for business graphics. The early use XY-writers output device are digital control plotter which measures instruments and analog computers. The other printer which use to draw complex line art or text is pen plotter. It prints by moving a pen across the surface of the paper. Its performance is slow because of the movement of the pen. However a plotters produces large drawing and high color resolution which based on computer memory and a processor power which is very expensive and limited. The following plotter printer picture is given below.
Plotter Printer


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