Thursday, 18 March 2021

Scanner Device

What is Scanner Device?

A scanner device is an optical device that analyzes images, printed text, or handwriting and converts it to a digital image. Therefore keyboard can input only text through keys provided in it. Because if we want to input a picture a keyboard cannot do that. However for input a picture we need a scanners which gives image as a input. The object that converts it to a digital images it was used in offices. In this a pictures are placed on a glass for scanning. The Drum Scanners is used as a photo multiplier tube for a high image quality. A Rotary scanner is a type of drum scanners which used as a charge coupled device instead of a photo multiplier. 

A Non Contact Planetary scanners is used as a photographs essentials. However a Modern Scanners is used as a charge coupled device or contact image sensor. All this scanners are two dimensional which is usually flat. There are four types of scanners such as Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, Optical Mark Reader, Optical Character Recognition and Barcode reader this are the scanners used in the industries today.

Scanner Device

The common types of devices are


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