Sunday, 28 March 2021

Types of Database Server

What are the Types of Database Server?

The following types of Database Server are such that

  • Remote Database Servers
  • Local Database Servers

Remote Database Servers

It provides a common logical interface to clients. The common interface is such as Structured Query language (SQL). It is also known as SQL Servers or Remote Database Management Systems (RDBMS). Therefore the remote database applications are two-tier applications or multi-tier applications.

Types of SQL Servers

  • Oracle Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • DB Server
  • Interbase Server
  • Informix Server

Local Database Servers

It operates in your local area network or local drive and it accesses the data by APIs. It is also known as File-Based Database Servers. Therefore the local database applications are single-tier applications.

Types of File Based Database Servers

  • Access Server
  • FoxPro Server           
  • dBASE Server
  • Paradox Server


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